lynn mendonca

I am an entrepreneur, mother to a mischievous adult son, lover of both wine & coffee, a YouTube addict, and of course, the number one specialist in franchising and franchise integration in South Africa. This site is my 'e-office' for all my current and potential clients that I have franchised, am currently franchising, and will franchise in the future. 

Be sure to check out the brands we have helped and franchised in the 'Clients' tab. I have had a successful 25 year franchising career, where I have personally helped many entrepreneurs and business owners and their brands successfully roll out their franchise plans, fully integrate Franchise Assist's unique franchising models into their current business processes, showing them the clear path to expansion, increased revenues and creating businesses that becomes household names and well recognised brands.

I started my franchising consulting career as a previous founder of Franchising Plus, a very corporate and traditional franchise consultancy in 1997, with my then business partner and current director of Franchising Plus - Eric Parker. 

In 2011, I started another franchise consulting agency - Franchise Assist. In my tenure as a business expansion consultant, I have created and headed up extensive franchise consulting teams, helped both corporate and small entrepreneurs take their businesses and brands to 10x levels and beyond, through franchise integration and the correct franchising implementation.

I'm highly confident that I'm the best person to assist you with franchising your business and franchise integration to roll out of your brand. As a trusted franchise and franchising integration specialist who totally immerses herself within any particular project, I see your brand as my brand, and will do all in my power to make sure we take you from 0 - 100 as a highly successful franchise that can not only survive as a franchise in South Africa, but help you establish a franchised brand that totally dominates it’s given sector and industry, making sure that any franchisee we 'adopt' into your franchise is going to be correct, a great ambassador for your brand and a highly 'work oriented' owner-operator.

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